Designing Modern Electric Machines with SPEED & STARCCM+

Designing Modern Electric Machines with SPEED & STAR-CCM+

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Date & Location
January 17, 2013, 09:00 - 18:00, Västerås, Sweden (Location Details)

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Whether you're a new or an experienced engineer, this course will demonstrate how our software tools SPEED and STAR-CCM+ can assist you in your daily design work.

Our Guest Speakers
Dr.-Ing. Markus Anders, Electrical Machines Sector Manager at CD-adapco
With 13 years industry experience (MACCON GmbH, Germany), Dr. Anders will be on hand to answer questions and discuss specific applications dealing with SPEED and electrical machines.

Dr. Stefan Holst, EMAG Application Specialist
Dr Holst holds a PhD in Applied Math on charge transport in semiconductors and has more than five years of experience in working with CD-adapco tools. He will be happy to answer your questions on STAR-CCM+ and thermal calculations.


09:00   Introduction
09:10   Introduction to CD-adapco, SPEED & STAR-CCM+
09:45   Practical Session SPEED: Modeling an IPM Machine
11:00   Coffee Break
11:15   Practical Session SPEED: Modeling a PMSM, Calculating Losses & Preparing Data for STAR-CCM+
12:15   Lunch Break
13:45   Thermal Modeling of a PMSM Using STAR-CCM+ Plus Demonstrations
15:30   Coffee Break
15:45   Practical Session Modeling an IM
16:30   Linking control models from Matlab with STAR-CCM+ for driving a Switched Reluctance machine
17:30   Q&A
18:00   Closing

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