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Aeroacoustics Engineering: Understanding Unsteady Fluid Motion using Simulation

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Simulation is widely applied in aeroacoustics to understand noise source mechanisms and sound propagation towards noise abatement in transportation.

In this webcast, presenters demonstrate the value of advanced simulation technology, focusing mainly on the automotive sector using several case studies performed on production vehicles for HVAC, external aerodynamics, engine powertrain, exhaust/aftertreatment transmission loss, fan cooling and sunroof/side-window buffeting.

Three main techniques are discussed:
  • Large Eddy Simulation to capture flow noise sources
  • Compressible flow for direct propagation of noise in the near field
  • Developments towards aero-vibro-acoustics for the structural transmission of flow generated noise
Experts identify new challenges in simulation, and how advanced toolsets like STAR-CCM+ are addressing these issues through ongoing development.

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