Aeroacoustics: Computational Aeroacoustics for Aerospace

Expanding airports, sprawling cities and increased air traffic have resulted in aircraft noise becoming one of the biggest issues facing the aerospace industry today. Due to improving algorithms and increased computational capabilities, simulation is now widely applied in aeroacoustics to better understand noise source mechanisms and sound propagation. The goal of these simulations is to understand how to reduce noise.

In this webcast, the value of advanced simulation technology is demonstrated for applications including environmental control systems (ECS), avionics cooling, propulsion systems and airframe noise (landing gear, high-lift, trailing edge, etc.).

The following technologies are highlighted:

  • Compressible flow for direct propagation of noise in the near field
  • Wave number Fourier analysis
  • Acoustic propagation methods, including FWH

Experts identify new challenges in simulation and how advanced toolsets like STAR-CCM+ are addressing these issues through ongoing development.


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