Mastering the Challenge of Simulating
Complex Geometries

Improved Approach for Meshing Complex CAD Geometries

Date and Location:
Nov. 29, 2013. 10:00 - 14:00: NH Praha Mozartova 261/1, 15000 Prague 5, Czech Republic (Add to Calendar)

This workshop will cover the latest surface wrapping and meshing technologies that eliminate manual repair from the CFD process all together. This guarantees a faster route from CAD to flow simulation, and frees engineers to concentrate on engineering analysis.

This workshop will feature the topics of:Mesh Images

  • Surface wrapping
  • Advanced meshing technology like meshing thin structures, part-based operations, and body-fitting mesher
  • Complex geometry handling
  • Mesh Motion
    • Static approaches to overcome the issue: MRF
    • Rigid body motion with prescribed motion
    • Dynamic body-fluid interaction (motion prescribed by physics)
    • Mesh Morphing

Live interactive demos of meshing and optimization will be a substantial part of the workshop. Attend this session and increase your efficiency in going from CAD to simulation.


10:00 Arrival and Registration
10:30 Introduction to the event
10:35 STAR-CCM+ Live Demonstration from CAD-to Report for a ball valve
10:50 Solutions for an Optimal CAD-to-Report workflow in Simulation (CFD and Thermal)
11:50 STAR-CCM+ Live Demonstration on an advanced case with focus on geometry cleaning of an Engine Bay
12:05 Coffee Break
12:35 Introduction and Overview of methods to simulate moving geomtries
13:20 STAR-CCM+ Live Demonstration on a car-overtaking scenario with focus on overset mesh
13:50 Closing Remarks, Feedback, Drinks, Snacks and Networking

This workshop is free, but registration is required.

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