CAE User Group: Optimization and Exploration

Date and Location
December 4, 2013, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM: Courtyard Milwaukee Airport, 4620 South 5th St, Milwaukee, WI

Would you like to streamline your processes to arrive at a better design, faster? This complimentary workshop will teach you how to accomplish this through a seamless multidisciplinary process automation and design exploration environment based on HEEDS! Thermal management Simulation Images

Special Guest Speaker!
Mio Suzuki from Trek Bicycle Corp. will discuss how Trek has implemented technology to improve developmental efficency.

Regardless of the software, technology or data you use, HEEDS can integrate all your development tools (from Excel to FEA/CFD) to achieve optimal designs more efficiently and with less product risk.

This Hands-On Session Will Cover:

  • Design exploration and optimization methodologies in HEEDS
  • Overview of CAE and development tools HEEDS can seamlessly connect
  • Attendees driving a flow/thermal optimization project leveraging HEEDS and STAR-CCM+

In addition, this workshop will recap the year in STAR-CCM+ v8 and highlight a few of the many new tools that streamline the flow and thermal simulation process like The Simulation Assistant and the new Adjoint Solver. Presenters will also provide a sneak preview of STAR-CCM+ v9, due to release in early 2014.


As an attendee, you will be eligible for one of the special training courses listed below:

Pleae note that since workshop attendence will need to be verified, no payments will be taken during the registration process for these special training classes. You may enter a "dummy" PO Number to process the initial registration request.

HEEDS MDO 101: Introduction to Parametric Optimization (1 Day) - SPECIAL Price for workshop registrants! $449 Register Here
This course provides a basic introduction to using HEEDS MDO for parametric optimization studies. Learn how to set up, run, and view the results from a general HEEDS MDO study.

STAR-CCM+ Introduction 2-day - SPECIAL price for workshop registrants! $449 Register Here
The aim of this class is to equip the attendee with a firm understanding of the basic principles of computational fluid flow and heat transfer analysis, as delivered in STAR-CCM+. Click here for agenda and further details.

STAR-CCM+ Process Automation Course 2-day - SPECIAL price for workshop registrants! $449 Register Here
This course provides analysis engineers with the ability to integrate computational automation into their engineering processes through the use of the powerful JAVA™ scripting functionality in STAR-CCM+. Click here for the agenda and further details.

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