Reducing "Separation Anxiety" with 3D Flow & Thermal Simulation


Are you suffering from "Separation Anxiety"? Attend this webcast if you are struggling with:

  • Ever increasing quantities of produced water or high CO2 content
  • Carry-over/under problems plaguing your equipment
  • Uncertainty of how to turnaround equipment designed to handle different flow rates
  • Solids eroding and clogging up pipelines and process equipment
  • Understanding the performance of new downhole or subsea separation technology or well containment equipment while minimizing testing time and costs
  • The impact on separation performance by sloshing caused by FPSO motion

As produced water cuts increase, successful separation is of critical and increasing importance. Experts cover the use of STAR-CCM+® to understand operating problems and how to modify existing equipment to cope with new operating flow rates.

10am (London) • 11am (Berlin/Paris) • 3:30pm (Bangalore)Register
10am (Los Angeles) • 1pm (New York) Register