Understanding Gas-Liquid Flows: Eulerian Multiphase Modeling


Gas-liquid flows occur in numerous processing steps within the refining, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Gas injected vessels, fermenters and bubble columns are just some of these examples. Within such flows, the specific details of the interaction between the two phases is important to understand accurately when looking at the proper design of vessels.

Moreover, the scale-up of such equipment can be problematic since two-phase flows have a more inherently complex nature than single-phase flows.

STAR-CCM+® allows for extremely detailed modeling of such flows, describing various gas-liquid interactions as well as enabling the execution of various design and geometry changes rapidly.

This webcast explores the fundamentals of gas-liquid interactions and examples of such flows.

The presentation is followed by a demonstration to show the available models. This demonstration describes the interactions as well as explores common analysis, such as gas hold-up distribution within a case study sample problem.